Tuesday, May 27, 2014

004 What should be the object of hairdressing?

Topics for discussion: 004, Hairdressing

No doubt, a well-groomed decently-styled hair will definitely make our face and head more presentable.

There is basically nothing wrong in trying to present our hair in a more acceptable form to the Society.

There are fashion models and celebrities, who have used their hair(s) not only as instruments of making some greenbacks, but also as great money-spinners.

We can probably emulate them, if our object is to make money.

But, if our goal is just to live a civilised life with due dignity and self-respect, and to present our face as an icon of our own unique personality, then, we shall have to probably allocate due space and time for the regime of maintenance of hair, which is not disproportionately large when compared to the time we spend on presenting our other parts of the body to the society.

Keeping this objective in mind, we can probably allocate some parameters and weightages for each aspect of hair dressing. Some examples of such parameters can be:-

What should be the frequency of cleaning and shampooing our hair?

How much time does combing and dressing take place?

Do we really need to dye our hair?

Won't we need to know that our natural hair color and structure can also add a unique handsomeness to our face, which we continue to ignore owing to our fads and misconceptions?

Does the hair-style chosen by us tend to clutter our face and head?

What is the money expense involved in maintaining and changing our hair-styles?

Do the money-expense and time-expense involved burn us out, leaving no time for us to attend to our priority chores of maintaining our health and children?

Can a cap / hat / some other head-gear add good looks to our face / head, without the time-expense / money-expense which we are investing on maintaining our hair-style now? Here, we have to keep in mind the cost of maintaining the cap / hat / headgear (laundrying it, folding it etc.). The headgear should also be such that it should not become necessary for us to remove it indoors, exposing our ill-groomed hair to viewer-grimaces. (To continue)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

003 Will Didi inaugurate the 2nd Kolkata Fashion Fair 2011?

The Second Kolkata International FAshion Fair will start at Kolkata Ice Scating Rink on 21st June 2011. Just three weeks ahead.

Apparel and Clothing will constitute the main objects of exhibits.

A part of sales promotion.

Apparel and Clothing industry is very labor-intensive. We can expect it to generate substantial real employment.

Kolkata is a heavily populated city, facing extreme unemployment. We should welcome similar Fashion shows more and more, if these are going to help Kolkata to cind a niche in International Garment Markets.

The Organisers may invite the new Chief Minister of West Bengal, Ms. Mamta Banerjee to inaugurate the Show. We need not say that she will be very enthusiastic to cut the green ribbon. The Industry also may expect some sops from her. She may probably agree for anything except rural lands for establishment of SEZs.

Sunday, November 4, 2007


Haywards Black India Men's Fashion Fair took place at Bangalore in Oct. 2007.
There was a dumping of cosmetics, garments, and ornaments for males, including nose rings.

Adelchi, Allen Solly, Dockers, Levi's, Louise Phillippe, Van Heussen etc.
Bare Body Essentials. etc.

The beerman decides what Indian males have to wear.

If male nose rings have come, how can males lag behind in wearing flowers?


The 7th Century Sanskrit Poet Bhartrihari answers this very forcefully. Of course it may not have any value today. :

Real beautifiers are not: necklaces shining like moon;
Baths with cosmetics and flowers;
Hair dressing and styles;
Only a purified language and speech adorns a person.
All other ornamentation will degenerate and perish.

Keeyuuraan` na bhuush`ayanti purusham haaraa na candrojjvalaa
Na snaanam na vileepanam na kusumam na alamkrutaa muurdhajah
Vaan`y eekaa samalamkaroti purusham yaa sanskrutaa dhaaryate
kshiiyante khalu bhuushashaan`anii satatam vaag bhuushan`am bhuushan`am

Thursday, October 25, 2007

001 NOSE RINGS for males

Hitherto, wearing nose rings and ear rings is by and large a female bastion.

The Deccan Chronicle, Hyderabad, Print Edition, published a photo of a male model wearing a nose-ring on his left nostril. The ring was fastened to an ornament on the left ear, by means of a chain running along the cheeks. The chain has some tiny bells also. The ornament is white in color presumably either of Platinum or silver.

Place: Men's Fashion Fair 2007, Bangalore.
Date : Oct. 24, 2007.
Designed by: Shri Rohit Bal.
Cost/Price: Not known.

The photo is very amusing. With a strong urge to a give a link to our readers, I made a long search on the Net for an electronic edition of the news. Unfortunately, I could not trace.

We cannot find fault with the designer because he works in a competitive environment. But the designer is said to be a seasoned veteran, with his photo featured in TIME Magazine.

I do not want to indulge in a criticism involving "NORMs" of what fashion should be or should not be.

We see on TV, not only male models, but also film heros, cricketers, et al wearing ear rings, on both the ears or on a single ear. Late N.T. Rama Rao, screen idol and Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh used to sport an ear pendant studded with stone. Whatever the heros and the Cricketers do, the Indians copy more or less blindly.

Whether fashionable or not nose rings are cumbersome to wear. Thousands of women in India discontinued using nose ornaments, particularly nose rings linked to ears. Only rich women wear them on ceremonial occasions.

Even today, in India shrew cattle and rams are quite often fastened with a rope running through their nostrils and pulled, so as to control them and make them move. In the early years of Indian history, human slaves both and female might have been fastened through a nasal rope and ring. Over hundreds of years, it might have developed into metalic ornaments. Traditionally, women were considered the property of the men, and most of their ornaments have the central element of CHAIN AND RING.

Lord Krishna serves as the best model for a wearer of a nasal ring. He used to wear a pearl, as per the following Sanskrit verse.

Kastuurii tilakam lalaat`a falakee
Vaksha sthalee kaustubham,
Nasaagree nava mauktikam
kara talee veen`um, karee kankan`am ...

Nose piercers, ear piercers and goldsmiths will get some work to do.